Changing a batch #

I need to correct batch #'s on items from time to time. Some are given Generic #'s like  1234...etc. and then later need to be corrected how is this accomplished without 

disassembling a production order or issuing the item out and receiving it back in ?


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    Barb Sessler

    We have done this in the past for raw materials by issuing out the incorrect batch #s and receiving them in with the correct ones.  I don't know that there's any other way to do it. 

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    Rhinegeist Standard Support User

    It's surprisingly easy, actually.

    With your PdO/PO open, click View, and make sure user-defined fields is checked.


    Then click in the box 'Full Batch ID' and change/assign at will.

    Unless OBeer says otherwise, this has always worked for us as long as the order is not in closed status.



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    Kali Hoss

    For an item in the tank right click on the item in the cellar worksheet and select add adjunct on the blend and add screen that will open you can change the batch ID


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