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Anyone out there using ADP to process payroll and the Payroll Import Interface to handle payroll in OBeer?  The Payroll Import Interface video does not actually show the handling/mapping of payroll info and I'm wondering what sort of reports people are exporting for use with this function.  Any info anyone can give me would be super helpful.




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    Orchestra Customer Success Official comment

    Hi John! 


    Thanks for sharing your process. I am sure others will find it quite helpful! 




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    John Russo

    Just cruising the forums and saw this... Frustrated me to no end in the beginning. Here is what i do:

    I have different departments setup in ADP for each employee.

    I run payroll like normal, then download the "GL company view" report and paste the entire thing into the OBeer payroll import.  I delete the top 2 rows and the row with the totals at the bottom.  I then had to make the template below based on what i needed. Once you have your categories set its a piece of cake. 

    Hope this helps!


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    Ellen Joyner


    I just moved over to ADP today, and when you download the GL Company View, are your amounts in different columns?  I downloaded it and there is only one column with the amount and it is either a positive or negative number depending on whether its a liability or expense account.

    My columns appear to be different than yours.



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