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Anyone have any insight in to how they use both Barrel IT and Obeer together?  I know there are a few others out there using both programs.  





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    Brian Cockle SUSPENDED

    Hey Maegen,

    In OB, you basically take your beer to a BA item batch tracked by volume and leave it there.

    For example, say we have the following BA beer in our BA warehouse:

    BA1001, Batch 100, 29.8 BBLs
    BA1002, Batch 101, 30.5 BBLs
    BA1003, Batch 102, 29.9 BBLs

    That just sits there like that until you need it.  All of your barrel monkeying takes place in Barrel-IT (receiving barrels, generating barrel tags, racking in, blending, sensory, fermentation tracking, racking out, etc).

    After we rack out the blend to the brite tank, we know what beer, batch, and volume we need to consume to make the brite beer (this info is given in one of the reports):

    For example, say we were aiming for 40'ish bbls of brite beer from 3 different beers.  This might ultimately look something like:
    BA1001, Batch 100, 17.1 BBLs
    BA1002, Batch 101, 8.55 BBLs
    BA1003, Batch 102, 17.1 BBLs

    The unused volume still just sits in OB until it gets blended out into something else.

    So there isn’t a direct integration, but it minimizes data double entry.  You’ll also be able to export your inventory from Barrel-IT and import into OB as a count doc for inventory adjustments soon.

    That’s the quick and dirty 30,000 foot view of how we use it, but there is much to the system than that.  I’m happy to take it offline if you need more information.


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    Orchestra Support

    Excellent write-up & thanks for the information Brian! 

    As more folks use Barrel-IT & request integrations it's one of the systems that we may look into integrating with in the future. Unfortunately, at least for now, its separate. 



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