Invoicing from a Goods Receipt Purchase Order

We received inventory in and entered it through a GRPO.  Our vendor then invoiced me separately for the combined total of items.  Am I able to enter both of these invoices off of the same GRPO?  I have 19,822 items received, I am hoping I can create an invoice off of the GRPO and only use a portion of the items and then go back in and use the remainder to create the second invoice.  Is this possible?

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    Humm Standard Support User

    Yes, you can. Copy the GRPO to an invoice, then in the Obeer invoice delete the line items (Ctrl+K) that are not on the vendor invoice and click Add to finish.  When you re-open the GRPO you'll see the items you've already copied to an invoice are greyed out and the remaining ones can be copied over to a new invoice. I've been able to create multiple invoices off a single GRPO doing this.




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