Pack Type Order on Customer Portal

Has anyone had luck changing the pack type order on the customer portal? We'd like for the pack typed to be listed in a consistent order for each brand. 


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    Orchestra Support Official comment

    Thanks Dan! I found what we did for you guys.

    Katie, I've asked one of our team members to update your web portal with sorting the package types consistently.

    For anyone else, interested...

    If you navigate to Tools -> User Queries -> B1WepAPI_Obeer, there is one there called OrderFormItems. Open that puppy up and click on the pencil icon to edit the query. In the last row, there is a statement called Order By. Add ,pkg.name to the last row and click Save. 

    The change takes a few minutes to replicate over to the portal. If you make the adjustment and don't see in a day, then contact the support team. 

    - Conner



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    Orchestra Support

    Hi Katie,

    Let me find out how exactly that is sorted and get back to you.

    - Conner

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    Dan Aleksandrowicz

    I had this same question in December. Glen made some changes to our Order Form query and all of our pack types are now listed in a consistent order.


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