OBeer 4.5

Any word on the scheduled upgrade for Obeer? Experiencing an issue on the pdo close wizard related to a bug on the current version. (Won't let you retroactively closes pdos for month end close). I've been told this is a known issue.

There was a date put out there for the update of 1/19. Looks  like that's been changed to mid Q1 2017. Any clarification on the timeline would be great.



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    Orchestra Support Official comment


    We have validated that Orchestrated 4.5 does resolve the issue with the PdO Close Wizard not being able to close PdOs in the past. Look for the general release announcement in the next couple of weeks!



    Conner Helton

    Sr. Product Mgr.

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    David Kroening

    FIngers crossed on this tonight!...for those of us who don't stay up to date on closing PdOs!

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    Orchestra Support

    Hmm... maybe when you process a PdO it would be handy to have express prompt asking if you want to close the pdo?

    Like the idea? Vote on it!



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