How to Edit a Recurring Posting Prior to Posting

First we need to set up recurring postings if they don't already exist in your database.  For a walkthrough on how to create one, see
How To Edit:
The purpose of this article is to focus on recurring postings (journal entries) and to show how to edit recurring postings prior to posting them.

Once created, it will look like this:

To ensure that you’re receiving notifications each time you log in ("on Execution") go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings and make sure the highlighted options below are selected:

When you log in the day it is due, you’ll see a list of transactions to post. If the balance is correct, simply hit Execute. If you need to adjust it prior to posting, drill in using the gold arrow next to the Recurring Posting Code:

In this example, I drilled in (to the gold arrow next to "TEST" above) and changed it to $400 instead:

After hitting "Update" the screen will update accordingly:

I then hit "Execute" to confirm I wish to add this recurring transaction for $400. The Journal Entry confirms this has completed:

If I drill back in to the original recurring template, however, it still shows that next month it’s expecting to post for the original $500 amount:

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