New Printer Guide

Tricerat is a client-side application that will speed up the rate at which jobs are sent to your printer. This universal driver, known as 'ScrewDrivers', allows quick and reliable printing from your remote desktop session.

**This is a Windows solution only. Mac users will be provided a solution soon**

***If you don't have Administrator rights on this computer to install these programs, please let your IT department know ahead of trying this out, so they can help.***


  1. Download the zipped folder to your computer (from HERE). This 64-bit version will work for most newer computers. Older computers may need to use the 32-bit version (from HERE). All steps are the same for 32-bit version.installer1__1_.png

  2. Locate that downloaded folder in your Downloads 

  3. Double-click the Application file and then click to Extract All installer2__3_.png

  4. Find the same folder location in a new Finder window and the application file will have a green logo icon. 

  5. Double-click that application file to launch the install process installer3__1_.png

  6. Agree to the terms, Install and Finish.  installer4.png


The next session you open with Remote Desktop will have the faster printers ready for you. 


The old, slower printers will include the word 'redirected' in parenthesis after the printer model.
The new, faster printers have your computer/machine name following the printer model. 

USERNAME-LT in this example:


You will want to make sure to print from these new printers until we are able to remove the old printer drivers from your server.



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    Jamie Champan

    Good Morning,

    I have followed these instructions. The "new" printer appears, but it is still not printing anything.