Create a Distributor Portal Login

Below is a checklist of the steps to create a Distributor Portal user login:

  1. Run the zedSuite manager add-on

    • Go to Administration > Add-Ons > Add-On Manager

    • Highlight the add-on called 'zedSuite Manager' and hit ‘Start’Create_DP_User_1.png

  2. Open the Business Partner Master Data window, search for the customer under which to create a user

  3. Click the Contact Person tab > Add new contactCreate_DP_User_2.png

  4. Fill out the following required data:

    • Contact ID (can be a person’s name or generic title)

    • Email addressCreate_DP_User_3.png

  5. Hit Update to save the new contact person

  6. Highlight the new contact you created and click the ‘Manage zedSuite User’ button in the bottom right

  7. Fill in the following data:

    • Temporary password

      • Note: If you are using this same email login on more than on Contact Person, you must pick a unique temporary password different from the other Contact Person's with the same email

    • Select one or more web roles

      • A user must have either 'Full Access' or 'Orders' to submit Sales Orders or Quotes
      • 'Billing' should be used for users who do not need access to submit orders
      • 'Edit Quotes' or 'Edit Orders' should be used for any users who need to make changes to their Sales Orders or Quotes through the Distributor Portal
  8. Hit 'Update' to save changes. From there, the user is ready to login to the portal using the email address and the temporary passwordCreate_DP_User_4.png

Note: When logging into the portal with an email address used on more than one portal login, you must also pick a unique password after entering the temporary password.  To manage multiple Contact Persons with the same email login, it is recommended to store the login info in a spreadsheet of some sort in order to keep track of which password goes with which Business Partner.

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