Calculating Brewhouse Effiency

When enabled, Brewhouse Efficiency may be calculated on the Brew QC form.  Extract values can be assigned to malt batches upon receipt into the system.  When Wort is brewed using malt with assigned extract values, Brewhouse Efficiency may be calculated by entering gravity and volume.


To enable Brewhouse Effiency calculations, navigate to Administration > Setup > General > Orchestrated Configuration and select YES from the Brewhouse Effieincy Enabled dropdown.


Once enabled, users can set default potential values for desired malt items by navigating to Inventory > Item Management > Default Item Extract Potentials.  Defaults to not need to be set, but doing so will save time when receiving malt into stock.

In the CODE field, search for and select a malt item.  In the DEFAULT POTENTIAL field, enter the extract potential in °P.  Click OK.


When receiving malt into the system, Potential Extract is assigned on the Batches - Setup window.  If a Default has been set for an item, it will populate in the POTENTIAL EXTRACT field.  If no default has been set, assign the potential at this time.  The Potential Extract value can be edited on this window even if a default has been set.


Once Wort has been expressed using items with Potential Extract values - select the PdO on the Brewing Worksheet and click Brew QC. 


On the Brew QC window, record your volume and gravity.  Extract and Efficiency will autopopulate based on the equation below.


E = V ( ( 2.58 / ( 1 / OG ) ) - .00382)

TP = Σ ( M * PE)

BE = E / TP

E : Extract (lbs)

V: Volume (BBL)

M: Malt (lbs)

PE: Potential Extract (%)

OG: Original Gravity (°P)

BE: Brewhouse Efficiency (%)

TP: Total Potential Extract (lbs)

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