Advanced BoM Versions

Advanced Bill of Materials (BoM) Versions is a feature that may be turned on in Orchestrated Configuration.  It includes functionality that allows stricter Version management across Locations, but it not for everyone.  It requires a hefty amount of data entry and management and changes the logic behind key production planning features like Build Production Run.  It is good for operations utilizing a linear production process at multiple Locations or with multiple recipe sizes.  It is not recommended for operations with non-linear production processes or smaller teams.  

When enabled, Versions and defaults are be managed by location - allowing users at a single location to only see Versions set to their location.  Versions may be set to Locked, meaning they cannot be edited or used in production.  Users may be granted or denied access to lock and unlock BoM versions in User Authorizations.  Versions may be linked and set to auto-populate throughout the production planning process based on the Version selected for the starting item.  To utilize the Build Production Run feature with Advanced BoM Verisons, you must have subsequent Versions linked to each of your starting item Versions.


To enable Advanced BoM Versions, navigate to Administration > Setup > General > Orchestrated Configuration and select YES from the Advanced BoM Versions dropdown.


When creating a BoM Version, click the “Versions” button at the bottom of the BoM screen.


This will open the BoM Versions window, where you can select “Create New”.


When you click “Create New”, the first thing you will do is give the Version a name (e.g. Location 1, 30 BBL, etc.). This name is what the production planners will see on the production order window. You can also enter comments on the BoM Version – the only place you see these comments is from the BOM Versions window. Enter the name and comments and click “Save”.


After you click “Save”, the BoM Versions window will open with all of the same details as the Base BoM that was just filled out. However, this window has some additional data points that need to be updated:


Location – choose from the dropdown

Location Default – Check the box if this is typically the BoM that is used for production. For example, if there is a 60 BBL Version and a 30 BBL Version, but the 60 BBL Version is used most of the time, then that would be the location default. Each location can only have 1 default.

Locked – The BoM Version can only be locked and unlocked by those with authorizations. If the BoM Version is locked, it cannot be used in production.

Linked to BoM – this represents the BoM Version for the next step in the production process and is the logic relied on by the Build Production Run feature when Advanced BoM Versions are enabled. For example, the “Linked to BoM” for Wort would be the Green Beer BoM Version for that same brand. The “Linked to BOM” Version must first exist in order to choose from the dropdown. If no options exist, first create the BoM Version you would like to link to.

! Remember: All starting item Versions must have unique Versions linked for each step in the production process in order to use the Build Production Run feature.

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