Orchestrated Settings for Mobile Sales App

Please review the following for setting up or troubleshooting your experience with the Mobile Sales App. Here is a PDF of these instructions: Orchestrated Settings for Mobile Sales App.pdf


Sales Employee Setup

To assign Sales App licenses to employees, first, they must be set up as Sales Employees in your database and linked to Employee Master Data files.  The following instructions walk through how to add a new Sales Employee, create a new Employee Master Data file, and link the two - this will enable you to assign licenses in the User Portal.


Add a Sales Employee


  • Open the Sales Employees/Buyers table
  • Enter the name of the Sales Employee in the SALES EMPLOYEE NAME column
  • Enter any remarks, if applicable, in the REMARKS column
  • Click OK to add


Link a Sales Employee to Employee Master Data

  • Open the Employee Master Data window
  • Create a new Employee Master Data File
    • Type CTRL+A to switch to ADD MODE
  • Enter the following for each employee:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Job Title
  • In the Sales Employee field, select the corresponding Sales Employee from the drop-down menu
  • Click ADD to add
  • You will be given the option to add a New User tied to this Employee file – DO NOT set User Code, or the Sales Employee will not be an option to select in User Portal
    • Click NO to skip, click YES to add a New User

To assign a Sales Employee to an existing Employee Master Data file: use FIND MODE to pull up the file, select the corresponding Sales Employee from the drop-down menu, and click ADD.


Shipping Types

In order to create a Sales Order in the Mobile Sales App, the Business Partner associated with that Sales Order must have Shipping Types setup.


See a support document here: How do I add Additional Shipping Types


Not Able to Add Activities

If you get an error while trying to save a newly created Activities in the Mobile Sales App, please check that your user is not linked to the Employee Master Data.


See how users are linked to Employee Master Data here, Step #6: How To Setup A New User


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