Orchestrated 4.8.1 Release

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Bug Fixes

  • PdO Creation Wizard
    • Fixed a bug where the PdO Creation Wizard was using the same batch number each time a user used the Build Production Run feature instead of incrementing the batch number.
    • PdO Creation Wizard now corrects lowercase to uppercase letters in item code names to match Item Master Data.
    • PdO Creation Wizard now only shows warehouses actually listed on the BOM version selected in the From Whs field.
  • Sales Orders / Sales Quotes
    • Fixed an issue in Sales Orders that prevented users from seeing all their events in Month Mode for Warehouse and Process views.
    • Proof and Proof Gallons were not showing up in Sales Order tables when checked to display in Form Settings.
    • Items on Sales Quotes will now be Red when the quantity is way more than the ATP value.
    • Fixed an issue where the new document was scrolling to the bottom right when copying a Sales Order to a Delivery. When copying a Sales Order to a Delivery, the new document's focus is now at the top of the document.
  • Retail Transfer
    • Fixed an issue where the system would crash after trying to copy an item from a sales order when trying to create a retail transfer.
  • GL Determination Utility
    • Trying to change an item associated with an inactive warehouse was causing the GL Determination Utility to not work for that item. The utility will now skip inactive warehouses.
    • Some GL Accounts were not getting set for Item Groups with the GL Determination Utility. Now fixed for Allocation Account, Inventory Offset - Decrease, Inventory Offset - Increase, and Goods Clearing Account.
  • Barrel Management Console (BMC)
    • Barrel types with apostrophes were causing the BMC to reject them.
    • Some areas in BMC were rounding to two decimal places even if the user set the "Quantities" decimal places setting to three.
  • Brand Creation Wizard
    • Deleting a pre-existing warehouse, like BH01, was causing the Brand Creation Wizard to crash.
    • The Brand Creation Wizard is now more apostrophe friendly and accepts them in the Brand Name in Create New Brand.
  • Production Procedure
    • Users can now add a step before adding an item to a new production procedure.
  • Express
    • Express Production batches now sort by Date.
    • Fixed issues caused by using apostrophes.
  • Bill of Materials
    • Fixed issues caused by using apostrophes.
  • Planning Management Utility
    • The Planning Management Utility now shows all months in a forecast and not just those with data.
  • Packaging Run
    • Fixed a bug where if a user launched a Packaging Run directly from the Production Order, the available quantity was using Planned instead of Issued quantity.
  • Outgoing Payments
    • Fixed a bug where the outgoing payments form was crashing instead of notifying the user that a selected invoice was on a payment run.
  • Batch Selection
    • Removed an error message that popped up when clicking "Auto-Select All"
  • Case Equivalents
    • 16oz cans and bottles may have had the incorrect case equivalent. If your database had incorrect values, the affected pack types will be updated to 1.3333333 CE. Databases with correct values will not be affected.
    • This issue did not affect TTB or regulatory reporting


Updates were made to the following reports:

  • Sales Analysis Utility
    • Fixed table link error
  • Profit & Loss Report
    • Compare dates now formatted correctly
    • Journal Transaction Subreport performance improved
    • Included option to hide decimals
  • Tank Inventory Snapshot
    • Added support for unitank
  • Processing report
    • Some repacked bottles not reported correctly
    • Line 13 data was duplicated on line 12
  • Customer Sales Analysis
    • Sort parameter select list for easier choosing
  • Item Sales Analysis
    • Sort parameter select list for easier choosing
    • Uses delivery dates now instead of document date
    • Variance code of "n/a" not always handled properly
    • Now properly account for zip codes that start with zero
    • Purchase of used barrels caused an error in certain circumstances
  • Quick Raw Inventory Planning Sheet
    • Updated for faster performance
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