Taxes FAQ

Below is a list of resources for all things taxes!  It is broken down by the following categories:


General Tax Code Information

TTB BRO Reporting (OBeer)

TTB DRO Reporting (OSpirits)

State Sales Tax Reporting



General Tax Code Information

How to Add/Edit Tax Codes


Attaching Tax Codes on Sales and Purchasing Documents


Setting up Use Tax




TTB BRO Reporting (OBeer)




TTB BRO Line Explanations


Is My Database Setup Properly to Run TTB?


Run the TTB Brewer's Report of Operations


Deep Dive into TTB Reporting


How is TTB Calculated


What Does Tax Determination on Warehouse Refer To?


Capture Exports on the TTB





TTB DRO Reporting (OSpirits)

Run the TTB Distiller's Report of Operations


How to Use the TTB Setup Utility to Get Started with the DRO


OSpirits TTB Case Tags




State Sales Tax Reporting

How to Gather Data for State Reporting (Webinar)


Sales Excise Tax Tool


Taxable Shipments - Details by State Report


Taxable Shipments - Lost Transactions Report


Taxable Shipments - BP Summary Report


How to Populate UoM on State Tax Reporting


How to Get Sales Prices to Be Inclusive of Tax


How to Set Up Tax Codes for Customers


How to Simplify State Tax Reporting with ShipCompliant



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