How to Cancel an Invoice or Other Document

Cancelling Invoices

If you ever add an invoice, Goods Receipt PO, or Delivery with the wrong total, date, or otherwise wrong information, you need to fix it by cancelling the original document and remaking it with the correct information. This does not apply to Purchase Request, Purchase Orders, Sales Quotes, or Sales Orders since those are considered “in pencil” documents and any information can be edited.

Reasons to Cancel a Document

  • Wrong Posting Date or Document Date
  • Wrong Customer or Vendor
  • Wrong quantity
  • Wrong unit price or Total price
  • Forgot to add freight
  • Need to add or remove an item on the document
  • Wrong Ship-to address

Fields That Can Be Edited on an Existing Document

  • Due Date
  • Customer/Vendor Ref. No.
  • Remarks
  • Sales Employee
  • Bill-to Address
  • Payment method

How to Cancel a Document

  • Open the document in question
  • Right-click > Cancel
  • This will open a new document that is a reversal/cancellation document. Click add on this new document.
  • Now that the original document has been cancelled, you will want to create a new document with the correct information.


Once you click cancel, a reversal/cancellation document will appear. Click Add.


Now that you have cancelled the original document, you need to create it again with the correct information. If this invoice was originally copied from a PO, Sales Order, GRPO, or Delivery, then that preceding document will re-open. You can go back to that document and select “Copy to” again.


If this document was created from scratch, you can do that again to recreate the document. The other option would be to go to the original (wrong) document and right-click > duplicate.


This will open a new document with mostly the same information as the original except you will need to add the business partner again and ensure that your date is correct. Make any other necessary changes, then click Add!

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