Common Error: "Data is not available; modify selection criteria and re-enter [Message 131-85]"


This error can come up in a few different areas of Orchestrated, but it is most commonly encountered when doing a Bank Reconciliation.

You go to Banking > Bank Statements and External Reconciliations >Manual Reconciliation. You select your Bank Account, enter the "Ending Balance" on the statement, and enter the End Date for the statement. When you click the OK button, you get an error at the bottom of your screen that says "Data is not available; modify selection criteria and re-enter [Message 131-85]"



This error message means that there is no data that would be displayed based on the parameters that were entered, so Orchestra returns this error message instead of displaying a blank page. For a Bank Reconciliation, this means that there are no transactions posted to that account before the selected End Date that have not already been reconciled.

How To Resolve:

For Bank Reconciliations:

We recommend starting by going to Banking > Bank Statements and External Reconciliations > Manage Previous External Reconciliations. You can then select the bank account you are trying to reconcile and click OK to see previous reconciliations for that account. You can check this list to see if the Bank Reconciliation has already been entered.

If the Bank Reconciliation has not already been done, the next step would be to go into your Chart of Accounts and find the bank account. You can then drill in to the Account Balance and verify that all of your transactions for that account have been entered into Orchestrated.

For Reports:

Try running the report again with less restrictive filters. For example, you might try using a larger date range or removing a filter for certain Item Groups, Business Partners, etc.



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