Approval Stages



Creating an approval stage defines which users can handle approval requests and how many authorizers are required to approve or reject a request. You can assign an approval stage to one or more Approval Templates.


How To

Administration > Approval Procedures > Approval Stages

  1. When the 'Approval Stages– Setup' screen pulls up, it will be in Add mode.
  2. In the Approval Stages - Setup window, specify a name and, optionally, a description for the stage.
  3. In the No. of Approvals Required field, specify the number of approvals required to complete this approval stage.
  4. In the No. of Rejections Required field, specify the number of rejections required to complete this approval stage.
  5. Specify authorizers - users with approval privileges. Note: It is useful to have more than one authorizer for each stage. If the major authorizer is on leave or out of the office, the other authorizers can handle approval requests.
  6. To save the data, choose the Add button.



You can use these Approval Stages in Approval Templates. For more information on Approval Templates, visit this link:



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