Approval Templates


You can use Approval Templates to manage your workflow in several different areas – purchase orders, sales orders, inventory movements and outgoing payments.

A typical scenario might be approvals required for all purchase orders above a certain value or approval required if the document total is a deviation from budget. These approvals are very easy to configure using Approvals Templates. Simply decide who the originator should be, the relevant documents that will require approval, how many stages you want in your approval process and the terms.


How to

Administration > Approval Procedures > Approval Templates

When the 'Approval Templates – Setup' screen pulls up, it will be in Add mode. Add a name and description for the Approval you’re setting up. For example, Name: PO Description: PO Approval Needed.

Next, you’ll want to specify the users who require approval for generating or updating the relevant documents.



Next, we’ll select the documents to be processed using this approval procedure.



Select one or more approval stages.

Note: If an approval template has more than one stage with different authorizers, all the authorizers have the same authorization level. The order in which the stages are listed in the approval template does not mean that one authorizer's decision has priority over another's.

For more information on setting up Approval Stages, visit this support link:



Lastly, on the Terms tab, do either of the following:

  • To always trigger the approval procedure, select the Always radio button.
  • To define specific conditions for triggering the approval procedure, select the When the Following Applies radio button and define the conditions.

The condition can be a comparison with a predefined variable (for example, document total) or a user query. Note that the approval procedure is triggered when any of the conditions are met.



Now, when a user enters a document (for example a PO above their authorization limit) the PO will be saved as a draft and a message will appear notifying the user that the document requires authorization. The user can enter their remarks for the authorizer.



The approver receives a notification that there is a document which requires approval. The approver can either approve or decline the request.



Available reports include an approval status report to review the status of approvals based on pending, generated, approved, generated by authorizer, rejected and cancelled status.



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