Chat Guidelines

Please note that chat is intended to answer quick questions from users regarding Orchestrated software.  Please take note of the following guidelines when participating:

  • Please limit your chat time to 15 minutes or less. If the chat length exceeds this, we will submit a ticket on your behalf.
  • We cannot release sensitive information such as user passwords, financial information, or any other confidential/proprietary information through chat. If you require this type of information, please submit a ticket.
  • If your question requires us to enter into a company database, we will ask you to submit a ticket outside of chat. We cannot access company information outside of a submitted support ticket.
  • If you are requesting information about Orchestrated, wish to become a customer, or any communication outside of a Support department related inquiry; we will pass on your information to the correct party.
  • If you are a customer outside of the United States, working with a third party firm for Support, we will not be able to assist you directly, but will be happy to create a ticket with your consultation firm on your behalf.
  • We currently do not initiate screen shares through chat. If your request requires us to perform a screen share, or otherwise access your database, please submit a ticket.
  • If you are a customer who is still in implementation or stabilization, you will be redirected to your Implementation Consultant for all requests until you have been handed off to Support at the end of stabilization.
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