A Quick Glance at the Health of Your Inventory (11/10/2016)

Below is a webinar that will explain how to check the overall health of your inventory.


This webinar goes over three key topics when trying to see the health of your inventory. The reports and tools used for each topic are listed below.

1. Knowing Your Inventory

  • Planning Management Utility 
    • Helps you easily set up your system for MRP use by mass updating your item settings
    • Allows you to maintain your sales goals, forecasts, and items as they relate to goals and MRP
    • Training Video


2. Verifying Your Inventory

  • Inventory Count Variance Analysis


3. Knowing Your Supplies & Demands

  • Quick Raw Inventory Planning Sheet (“MRP Lite”)
    • Shows deficiencies around supply/demand as of specific date
    • Shows date to order by, based on lead days
    • Ability to see 12 month average weekly usage
  • Future Inventory Status Analysis (“FISA”)
    • Shows supply/demand of inventory 3 weeks out
    • Ability to see documents causing the supply/demand changes
  • Inventory On-Hand and Aging
    • Similar to Inventory Audit Report but with variable grouping options
    • Shows on hand quantity, warehouse, batch age, proof, and proof gallon quantities


Other Resources

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Supplemental Material (PDF) 

(Preparing Your Items: Item Master Data & MRP Item Prep Using the Excel Planning Management Utility)

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