How to Plan For a Week of Production (11/17/2016)

The below video is a past webinar that will walk through how to plan a week of production:


Reports: What to Plan For?

Future Inventory Status Analysis (“FISA”)

  • Shows supply/demand of inventory 3 weeks out
  • Ability to see documents causing the supply/demand changes

Available to Promise

  • By default, shows ATP as of today’s date and includes ATP flagged warehouses
  • Ability to limit dates in parameters
  • Helps determine specific reasons for committed and ordered items 
  • Ability to see documents causing the supply/demand changes

Quick Raw Inventory Planning Sheet (“MRP Lite”)

  • Shows deficiencies around supply/demand as of specific date
  • Shows date to order by, based on lead days
  • Ability to see 12 month average weekly usage


Production Planning Tools

PdO Creation Wizard

  • Used to create new production orders in mass
  • Ability to build production runs


  • Calendar-like tool that allows you to view and interact with production orders, purchase orders, and sales orders
  • Ability to view by Month, Week, Day, Whse Month, Whse Week, and Whse Day
  • Ability to filter what is shown and change default colors used


Reports: What is Scheduled?

4 Day Production Schedule

  • “Production card” style with new page per process type (check mark next to processed PdOs)
  • Displays Time, Batch #, Planned Quantity, Actual Quantity, To/From Whse, and Item Code

Daily Production Activities

  • List of production orders for a specific date range (crossed off if processed)
  • Can be filtered by process type (brewing, fermentation, filtration, packaging, etc.)
  • Displays Date, Time, PdO #, Item Description, To Whse, Batch #, and Planned Quantity

Tank Inventory Snapshot (in Inventory Reports)

  • View of tanks and their content
  • Displays batch # and date batch went into tank – if applicable
  • Can be used for planning, to see what tanks are available

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