Troubleshooting: Retail Transfer


Retail Transfer is a feature that allows you to quickly take care of your tap room management via the Retail Transfer Method.

However, there are a few areas you should be aware of as you will have to properly configure it before the Retail Transfer will work.


Scenario - A/P Invoice Is Not Created - Tax Error Message:

When you create and process the Retail Transfer, you may get an error message:

'Transfer Failed - Row without tax was found'

This message refers to the fact that you don't have a Tax Code associated with the warehouse or Business Partner you are pulling the item(s) from. The system cannot proceed until that has been defined. To do so:

  1. Go to Administration->Setup->Inventory->Warehouses.
  2. Put it in find mode (CTRL + F)
  3. Type in your warehouse that the item on the invoice will be pulled from
  4. Ensure that the Tax Code field is populated


Alternatively, please ensure your Business Partners in the Retail Transfer Scenario have an associated Tax Code.  This is located in Business Partner Master Data > Addresses tab > Ship to address > Tax Code.



You should be able to process the Retail Transfer now.






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