State Tax Excise Tax Tool


The following article will go over how to use the state tax analysis tool within Orchestrated.


Step by Step Guide

To run the state tax report, do the following:

Step 1 – Open the worksheet in Excel; Sales>Sales Reports>Sales Excise Tax Tool

  • The Excel workbook opens into the “State_Report” tab and pulls from the A/R invoice data on the “ORC_DATA” tab; You need to click the “Refresh Data” button in the Home ribbon upon opening the tool
  • The field slicers at the top and left side of the worksheet available to set the view are:
    • Location
    • Item Parameters – Display Units
    • Item Parameters – Pack Family
    • Item Parameters – Item Group
    • Item Parameters – Brand ABV
    • Item Parameters – Brand Name
    • BP Parameters – Internal
    • BP Parameters – BP Group
    • BP Parameters – Ship to State
  • There’s also a timeline slicer at the top to filter the Invoice Date by days, months, quarters or years (defaults to months)


  • Once the view is set the report will display the units and volume of sales by customer depending on how the other parameters are set
  • You can click the expand or collapse buttons in the columns to show less or more data
  • Like any Excel file you have the ability to print a copy of this view by going to File>Print in Excel





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