Update Production Orders on BoM Change


Within Orchestrated, there is the functionality to mass update open production orders after making a change to a associated BoM.


Step by Step Guide

To update the BoM (along with open production orders)  do the following:

Step 1 – Open the Bill of Materials record you want to update; Production>Bill of Materials


Step 2 – Update the existing BoM

  1. Update the header section in any of the main fields:
    1. Quantity
    2. Warehouse being received into
  2. Update the main body section for the following:
    1. Component Item No. addition/removal
    2. Quantity being issued
    3. Warehouse being issued from
    4. Issue Method (i.e. Manual or Backflush)

Step 3 – Click “Update” to process changes to the BoM (you must click Update on the Bill of Materials before you can click Update PdOs; you also have the option to save as a version)


Step 4 – Click “Update PdOs” to also update any open production orders from the bill of material (can only update PdOs that have not been processed at all)

  1. Select the rows for the Doc No. that need to be update (can hold down CTRL and select multiple) or click the Select All button and click “Process” then “Proceed” to finalize updates


Note: You can open up a bill of material that you previously made changes to and click the Update PdOs button if you haven’t made any changes after opening the record.





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