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The Orchestrated Inventory app facilitates the processing of sales orders, purchase orders and inventory counts. During the month, you are receiving raw materials, point-of-sale, merchandise, and other goods. Someone has to receive those items into Orchestrated to make them available, the Inventory iPad app, lets anyone receive in items from a purchase order directly on the dock without having to log into Orchestrated.

List of Open Orders




  1. "Orchestrated" logo button to take you to a list of open Purchase Orders & to take you back to the home screen.
  2. The receiving header will display details about the vendor including their name & bill-to information. 
  3. Details about the purchase order within Orchestrated including the document number, expected delivery date, a reference, and total weight of the order. 

Tip: Total weight is driven by the Inventory weight set on the Item Master Data screen.


PO Rows


  1. Item Code & Name of what you are receiving
  2. The warehouse you are receiving your items into. Tap on the field to reveal alternative valid warehouses you can receiving items into.
  3. The open quantity field displays how much you expect to receive. This number is decremented by the actual quantity received. 
  4. The actual quantity is what you have received to date against the the initial requested amount.
  5. The unit of measure of the item being received This is based on the Inventory Unit of Measure under Item Master Data.
  6. Tap on the "i" indicator to pull up your list of batches 

Receiving a Single Batch


  1. Tap on a row to open the "batch receipt" dialog box. The iOS keyboard will automatically appear for you to enter a batch (lot) number for items that are batch managed.
  2. The quantity to receive is pre-populated with the open quantity, tap this number to change how much you are receiving for this particular batch.
    1. Note: If you are receiving multiple batches, you can split the amount received and tap the row again to bring the receipt screen.
  3. Once you have entered your batch numbers and accepted the amount you are receiving, tap the Done button to update the amount being received. 


Receiving Multiple Batches


  1. Tap on the blue "i" to bring up a list of batches that are slated to be received. From this screen, you can clear an amount, alter it, or add batches.  Tap on the row to bring up a calculator to input what you are going to receive.
  2. Tap on the "Add new batch" field to add a new batch to the receiving row. Once finished, tap "Done"




  1. Remarks are read-only when opening the purchase order. This is a great way to communicate to whomever is going to be receiving in the goods.
  2. When you are finished, press the "Submit" button to bring up the the submission dialog box.


Submitting a Purchase Order (turning it into a GRPO)



  1. The receipt confirmation dialog box is the last step before taking that purchase order and converting it to a Goods Receipt PO and bring the inventory into stock. Tap in the initials box to enter your initials.
  2. Tap in the optional "Comments" fields to record any notes such as "xxx was damaged" etc. Once you  are finished press the "Done" button to submit it to Orchestrated.


  • Does this work with non-batch managed items? Yes!
  • Does line text show up? Unfortunately not yet, but is slated for a future release.
  • Can I add items to the PO from here? If you select Edit and then tap New Item, you can select new items to be added to the PO. 




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