[iPad] Inventory Counting Overview


The Orchestrated Inventory app facilitates the processing of sales orders, purchase orders and inventory counts. Breweries & Distilleries are required to count inventory at a minimum of once per month and often do counts at the batch (or lot) level. The counting app begins with a list of open inventory count sheets that are created from within Orchestrated. 


Header Outline


  1. "Orchestrated" logo button to take you to a list of open inventory count sheets & to take you back to the home screen.
  2. Tap the "sort" button to sort your list of items by either item code, item name, or warehouse.
  3. The inventory count sheet will display the name of the counter. This is set within Orchestrated and is optional.
  4. Details about the actual count sheet within Orchestrated including the document number, the count sheet date, a reference, and the number of items that have been counted and what are remaining.

Tip:  When creating count sheets within Orchestrated, use the reference field to communicate to the counting what they are counting and where. For example, A1-Merch for counting merchandise in warehouse A1.


Count Sheet Rows



  1. Tap in the Search bar to look up items by Item Code, Item Name, or Warehouse
  2. Item Code & Name of what you are counting.
  3. The warehouse you are counting the item in, inventory counts are warehouse specific.
  4. How much is counted. Remember, '0' is a valid quantity.
  5. The unit of measure of the item being counted. This is based on the Inventory Unit of Measure under Item Master Data.
  6. Tap on the "i" indicator to pull up your list of batch count information. Alternatively, you can tap on the row.





  1. Remarks are read-only when opening the count sheet. This is a great way to communicate to the counter.
  2. When you are finished, press the "Submit" button to send your counts to Orchestrated.


Submitting a Count Sheet 


  1. After you tap the big green "Submit" button, a dialog box will appear give you some vital information including the number of item counts being submitted.
  2. Your initials are required for submitting a count sheet. 
  3. Recently, the TTB has required breweries to validate their inventory counts. You must accept the TTB clause to submit the count sheet. Once finished, tap the "Done" button.


  • Can I submit recounts from the iPad? Yes you can, when you submit the count sheet, if there are already counts that exist for some items you have three options
    • Override - This will clear any existing count for items being submitted and replace the values with the new counts
    • Ignore - This option will ignore items that have existing counts and only update those items that are not in 'Counted' status.
    • Cancel - The "get me outta here" option.
  • Is this offline? The Inventory app has the capability of being run without signal, however, you will be unable to submit the counts until you are back in wifi or cell range.





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