Distributor Portal Management Utility

The Distributor Portal is an additional module available for purchase for all Orchestrated customers. Please submit a Support Ticket or contact the Customer Success team at


The Web Portal Management utility is a one stop shop to help you maintain data related the Distributor Portal. 


Where is the utility located?

  • Once logged into Orchestrated, you'll find this utility under the Integrations module within the menus.


Web Portal Management - Brands Setup 

The web brands are what controls what is displayed and how it is displayed within the Customer Web portal. This valuable information is what is conveyed to your distributors. Initial setup is done by our consulting team, then future revisions can be done by you at anytime. Once you have finished making your changes to this form, press the Save Web Beer Brands button to commit those changes back to Orchestrated.

  • Web Group Name - What is displayed in the web portal for a grouping of brands. This is often groups such as Classic or Seasonal
  • Orchestrated Brand Code - The Brand Short Code in Orchestrated of the items you wish to display.
  • Orchestrated Brand Name - The name of the Brand you wish to display in the web portal
  • Image File Name - The name of the primary image you wish to have associated with the brand.
  • Web Description - A brief description of the brand you have displayed
  • ABV - The ABV level of the brand
  • IBU - The IBUs of the brand
  • Additional Image Name - If there is an additional image you wish to have displayed, name it here.
  • Brand Sort Order - Brands can be sorted in the portal if you wish to have certain brands displayed at the top within a particular grouping
  • Group Order - The order in which you wish to have the groups displayed within the portal.
  • Active - You can enable / disable an entire brand from this field.


Web Portal Management - Item Visibility

Often you will want some items to display in the portal but not others. This is very common with 1-off items or in-house only brands. To make it easy to determine what is displayed in the portal, a simple flag is set on the item and to help you manage that, there is an Item Visibility section of the web portal management utility.

  1. Navigate to Web Portal Management → Click on Portal Item Visibility
  2. Define the items you wish to manage, by selecting from the options for Brand Name, Item Group or Item Code, then pressing their appropriate buttons. 
  3. Once you have completed your selection, press the Done button. This will display those items and their visibility status within the grid.
  4. Now you may set whether a particular item or group of items is visible within the Customer Web Portal by selecting Yes or No in the Show in Portal column.
  5. When you have finished making your changes, press the Submit Changes in the ribbon.


Web Portal Management - BP Catalog Management 

Business Partner Catalog Codes are what controls who can see what items within the Customer Web Portal. This is incredibly useful for brands that can be sent to some locations and not others. A catalog code could be what your customer has on file for a SKU or it could just be your Orchestrated item code.

  1. Navigate to Web Portal Management → Click on Manage BP Catalogs
  2. Select the Business Partners you wish to manage by either BP Group or Individually. Once you have made your selection from the drop-down menus, press the Groups or Individually button to load them into the matrix.
  3. Define the items you wish to manage, by selecting from the options for Item Group, Brand Name, or Item Code, then pressing their appropriate buttons.
  4. Once you have finished building out your matrix, press the Done button to display any existing BP Catalog codes.
  5. Enter new BP Catalog codes or modify existing codes.
  6. When you have finished making your changes, press the Submit Changes in the ribbon.







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