Orchestrated 4.4 Release Notes$

Orchestrated 4.4 Release Notes

A downloadable PDF version can be found here: 4.4 Release Notes

New and Updated Features

  • Retail Transfer: A new, more simplified process to the Buy/Sell method of managing inter-company transfers to a tasting room.
  • Sales Order: A new ‘Validate Availability’ function has been added to refresh ATP and highlight negative values.
  • Price Lists: Users can now mass update pricing on Orders and Quotations from the price list menu.
  • Bill of Materials: Changes made to Bill of Materials can now be propagated to scheduled, unprocessed productions in mass.
  • Bill of Materials: Versions has been moved from a tab to a button
  • TTB Calculator (OSpirits only): A new calculator has been added for OSpirits to calculate true proof, dilution amount, and volume based on weight and proof.
  • Administration: Orchestrated licenses can be viewed and allocated in mass.
  • Yeast Scheduling: Minor improvements to the way yeast scheduling is handled with multiple batch IDs. Yeast is now scheduled based on ‘Fermentation’ items instead of ‘Brewing’
  • Micro QC (Advanced QC only): Canning is now supported.
  • MPN Assignment: Improvements to which and how MPNs are displayed.
  • TTB Proprietorship: Added fields for Pre-Orchestrated Volume, TTB reporting type, and reporting interval



  • MPN connected PdOs can now be moved in bulk. This applies to unprocessed PdOs only.
  • A new Process Type view has been added and supports custom process types.
  • Check ATP has been enabled on the scheduler to quickly see if any sales order has negative ATP.
  • ‘Month’ view auto-expands on launch
  • Option to expand events to fit an entire day.
  • The current view from the scheduler can now be printed.
  • ‘Planned’ status PdOs now have a unique styling


iPad Inventory


New and Updated Reports

  • *NEW* State Tax Analysis Tool: An excel-based analysis tool that displays invoice & credit memo data to assist in completing excise tax returns.
  • *NEW* P&L vs Budget Analysis Tool: An excel-based analysis tool that provides the user with a view into their P&L vs Budget with variances.
  • *NEW* 1099 Vendor Summary: Displays payment transaction information as it relates to 1099 vendors. Vendor payments not flagged as 1099 are also considered and highlighted.
  • *NEW* Pro-forma Income Statement: When combined with budgeting and forecasting, this will project an income statement over a period of time.
  • *NEW* Fixed Asset History: Displays transactions associated with Fixed Assets. Also includes the ability to create a ‘Sign-off’ sheet for F/A prior to commissioning.
  • *NEW* Blanket Purchase Agreement History: Manage those hops, malt, and packaging contracts. Displays what you have on agreements, how much is left, and the appropriate transactions.
  • *NEW* Inventory on Hand & Aging: A more flexible version of the Inventory Audit Report.
  • Production Yield Summary: Updated to support custom process types.
  • Tank Inventory Snapshot: Tanks with no quantity are now displayed properly
  • Indented Costed BoM: Updated to support custom process types.
  • Open Service GRPO Balance: Fixed broken logic
  • Regional Sales Analysis: Added option to hide “Tax Liable” items and minor improvements.
  • Taxable Shipments by State: Updated to handle ‘Without Qty’ documents, totals added for State & Report level.
  • Sales Analysis Dashboard: Updated to handle ‘Without Qty’ documents.
  • Balance Sheet: International currency support. Resolved a rounding issue when hiding $0 accounts.
  • Inventory Count Variance: Resolved an issue in the ‘Select by Count’ parameter
  • Daily Production Activities: Packaging PdOs are now broken out
  • Support for OSpirits & custom process types has been added to the following reports:
    • Production Yield Summary
    • Production Cost Analysis by Process
    • 4 Day Production Schedule
    • Production Dashboard  


Utilities & Interfaces


Bug Fixes

  • Brew QC: Fixed a bug where targets were being overwritten by document number
  • Drill down arrows: Fixed Assets are now properly considered
  • Barrel Management: Tipping will no longer crash if you do not have a receive quantity entered
  • Disassembly: Case sensitivity of item code has been removed
  • Scheduler: Resolved an issue with notes being created with no process type set by default
  • Scheduler: Fixed an issue with production orders not being displayed if there is no valid date/time set.
  • Scheduler: No longer can drag to invalid warehouse
  • Scheduler: Inventory transfer requests details not showing up
  • Scheduler: Resolved an issue with the scheduler menu not being available for Core licenses


Platform Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with Single Sign-on
  • Resolved an issue with negative committed quantity with PdO’s processed using Express
  • Resolved a bug with “Actual Closing Date” on Production Orders posting to wrong date on Inventory Audit Report
  • Resolved a bug where the “Item List – Selection Criteria” in Crystal Reports crashes the platform if there are no results
  • Resolved an issue where PdO’s can’t be received if the posting period where it was created is locked
  • Resolved a bug in Inventory Posting where prices don’t populate if a line will go into negative quantity.
  • Fixed an issue on the inventory count sheet displaying negative quantity
  • Resolved an issue with the Batch Selection form where too many decimal places can be used
  • Several Mailer fixes
  • Fixed an issue with slow performance when importing a document with a lot of lines
  • Resolved an issue where the attachment name on emails sent is incorrect
  • Resolved an issue when the platform randomly stops working when using Pick & Pack Manager
  • Fixed the Inventory Posting document, where the Inventory Offset Account is added incorrectly
  • Resolved an issue where a receipt from production cannot be added when a backflush component has no cost.
  • Resolved an issue with invalid totals on the relationship map


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