WIP Variance GL Analysis Report


Ever wanted to see all production variances in one, awesome report? Here it is! The WIP Variance GL Analysis displays variances in units and dollar amounts for selected items and time periods and is found in the Financials module (Financials module > Financial Reports > Orchestrated Reports > WIP Variance GL Analysis.)


Running The Report

The Selection Criteria window opens, with various options to filter and control the report output:

Mandatory parameters

  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date
  • Group by (Brand, Item Group, WIP Account, Process)
  • Select Location(s) (choose one or more business segments/production locations)

Optional parameters

  • Show Journal Entries
  • Show Chart for each group (see below for example)
  • Select Brand(s)
  • Select Pack Type(s)
  • Select Item Group(s)
  • Select Item(s)
  • Select WIP Variance G/L Acct(s)

The report output looks like:



There are totals for the item and item groups throughout the report, and report total at the end:



With the optional parameters Show Journal Entry and Show Chart For Each Group selected, the report displays relevant journal entries and a graphic for the variance over the selected period:




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