Fixed Asset History

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Printed Report Title: Fixed Asset History

Every brewery or distillery, whether just starting or well established, have fixed assets. These are pieces of equipment or other capital expenses that are required to be depreciated over a given period of time. Orchestrated has the capability of managing these assets for you, making appreciation, depreciation, and capitalization a simple process. This report augments the built-in reporting functionality by expanding on the grouping, filtering, and selection criteria. As an added bonus, this report can also be used for assets that are not yet commissioned to part of the CAPEX process.


Important Notes

  • Fixed Assets must be enabled. Once they are enabled, they cannot be disabled.
  • An import tool is available.


Where is this report?

  • Base Module: Financial → Financial Reports → Orchestrated Reports
  • Reports Module: Reports → Financial Reports → Orchestrated Reports


Parameter Entry Options


  • Show Asset history
  • Show Depreciation Transactions
  • Sum Prior Year Transactions - useful if you have a long life asset
  • New Assets only - enable this option to show only assets that have not been capitalized or depreciated


  • Select Item(s)
  • Select Item Group(s)
  • Select Asset Class(s)
  • Select Asset Group(s)
  • Select Depreciation Group(s)
  • Select Depreciation Area(s)
  • Select Depreciation Type(s)


Parameter Entry


Sample Report






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