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Printed Report Title: 1099 Vendor Summary

The built-in platform 1099 functionality is extremely powerful but can lend itself to being a bit too rigid when it comes time to file taxes for the year. This Crystal Report includes those transactions that have been recorded prior to the vendor being flagged as 1099. In addition, a number of options, groupings, etc, are available. It's also exportable to Excel!


Important Notes

  • Blue values are payments that were recorded prior to the vendor being flagged as 1099.


Where is this report?

  • Base Module: Financial → Financial Reports → Orchestrated Reports
  • Reports Module: Reports → Financial Reports → Orchestrated Reports


Parameter Entry Options


  • Calendar Year - Input the year this report is going to be run for.
  • Choose Detail level (Sum by Business Partner or Display all payment document info)


  • Show Vendors < $600 in activity
  • Omit non-1099 docs from 1099 BP's
  • Select BP Group(s)
  • Select Business Partner(s)


Parameter Entry


Sample Report



Sample Report Excel Export 


More 1099 Basics:

Quick Start:1099 Vendor Summary Basics





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