Inventory On Hand and Aging

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Inventory On-Hand & Aging

Ever want some variable grouping options to the Inventory Audit Report? This report will allow you to do just that, plus retrieve additional information such as batch age, proof & proof gallon quantities. 


Important Notes

  • Estimated value is based on current average cost.
  • Age of the batch is based on the date in which the report was run


Where is this report?

  • Base Module: Inventory → Inventory Reports → Orchestrated Reports
  • Reports Module: Reports → Inventory Reports → Orchestrated Reports


Parameter Entry Options


  • As of Date
  • First Group by: (Item Group, Brand, Location, Warehouse, Pack Type)
  • Then Group by: (Item Group, Brand, Location, Warehouse, Pack Type)
  • Select Measure: (Units, Barrels, Gallons, Liters, Hectoliters, Case Equivalents)
  • Price List
  • Show Batches & Aging
  • Hide zero on hand lines
  • Batch Managed Products Only?


  • Select Location(s)
  • Select warehouse(s)
  • Select Item Group(s)
  • Select Item(s)
  • Select Brand(s)
  • Select Pack Type(s)


Parameter Entry


Sample Report







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