Blanket Purchase Agreement History


Printed Report Title: Blanket Purchase Agreement History

This report provides you with insight into your blanket purchase agreements. Useful for tracking what you have left on hops contracts or packaging agreements. Details of the report include what has been ordered, if any of that order was returned, and how much is left on the particular agreements. Printed Report Title: Blanket Purchase Agreement History


Important Notes

  • You must be using Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Grouping by item will display a list of all contracts for a particular item


Where is this report?

  • Base Module: Purchasing → Purchasing Reports → Orchestrated Reports
  • Reports Module: Reports → Purchasing Reports → Orchestrated Reports


Parameter Entry Options


  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Group By (Blanket Agreement, Item Code, Vendor)
  • Choose Status (Approved, On Hold, Draft, Terminated)


  • Choose Items
  • Choose Item Groups
  • Choose Vendors
  • Choose Vendor Groups
  • Choose Blanket Order(s)


Parameter Entry


Sample Report





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