Setting Up Credit & Deposit Items


Credits and deposits should be separate items created in your Orchestrated database. You should have a credit and deposit item for every type of finished good you charge for. See below. 


Step by Step Guide

To create these items, follow these instructions:

1) Go to Item Master Data [Inventory > Item Master Data]

2) Switch to Add mode [Ctrl + A] or [icon at the top of your screen, see image below]

3) Once in Add mode, start filling out the following fields.

  • Item No: We normally set them as 19950-packtype for deposits and 19955-packtype for credits, but this code is up to you - just stay consistent
  • Description: This is what you want the item to show up on documents
  • Item Group: Set this to Deposit/Credit: Kegs. If you get a message asking "Do you want to update the item information (including UoM group) according to the selected item group?" say yes.
  • Check boxes up in the right hand corner - only check off Sales Item. You are not going to keep track of these credits and deposits in stock, that is what keg shells are for.

Your screen should look something like this.

4) Now jump to the Inventory Data tab.

5A) Add a warehouse (should be your main warehouse) to the list of allowable warehouses.

5B) Highlight the warehouse row by clicking on the row number next to it.

5C) Click Set Default Whse in the bottom right corner.

See below.

7) These are all of the settings that need to be changed. The item is ready to be added in - hit the Add button in the bottom left corner.

8) Repeat for the remaining deposit/credit items needed.


A trick to getting them created a little quicker, is to Duplicate the one you just created and just change the Item No. and the Description. If you'd like to use this trick, just find the item you just created. Now right-click somewhere in the open area on the record and select Duplicate. This should create a new record on your screen. Since this is essentially the same item, all you need to do is change the Item No. and Description at the top. Now hit Add. All done!


These items that you just created, should be treated as regular sales type items. This means that you will need to set a price for them on your Price List(s)





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