Empty a Tank from the iPad Production App



After packaging, you might have had unusable liquid in the tank that you flushed before cleaning the tank. Now you need to let Orchestrated know you cleared the tank – and you can do that directly from the iPad Production app.


Where To Find The Empty Tank Feature



1) Enter the Packaging section from the Main Menu, and select the production order for any pack type that was packaged off the tank to be emptied.  From the PdO Main View click the Edit PdO icon (the pencil) in the Top Right.




2) On the Edit PdO screen, tap the Empty button in the Top Right.


Emptying The Tank



3) The Empty Tank dialog box will appear with a row for the batch in the tank (specifically the From Warehouse designated on the PdO.)

Tap anywhere on the row to select the batch to clear from the tank (turning the row gray), confirm the volume in the Far Right column is accurate, then click Empty in the Top Right of the dialog box.




4) The app asks to confirm you want to clear the tank, so click Yes, Empty and the app will create an additional Issue for Production tied to the production order.

The same as in Orchestrated, the emptied volume is flagged as Miscellaneous Loss for that production order's pack family (Bottling, Canning or Kegging) for TTB reporting purposes automatically.


And you’re done! Click either Cancel or Save at the Top to return to the Main PdO screen.

Note: The iPad Production app is an Optional Add-On available to purchase.






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