Editing Production Orders from the iPad Production app


It’s often necessary to make changes to production orders the day of or on-the-fly.  Using the iPad Production app you can access your existing production orders and:

  • Add or Remove items
  • Change the From or To Warehouse
  • Edit the Batch ID
  • Update Planned issue quantities


Where To Make Production Order Edits

1) The Edit PdO function is available for production orders in every section of the iPad – Brewing, Cellar and Packaging – so select any area to begin.

2) From the PdO Menu along the Left, select the production order to edit and it will load in the Main PdO screen to the Right.

3) To enter Edit Mode, tap the Edit PdO button (pencil icon, below) located in the Top Right of the screen.



What Can I Edit?


Each of the following fields can be edited with a quick tap:

Batch ID 

  • Tap into this field and the keyboard slides out so you can make any update (numbers, letters, spaces, special characters accepted) to the Batch ID that was entered (or left blank) when this PdO was created in Orchestrated.

To Warehouse

  • Tap the blue Warehouse Code revealing a scroll wheel to switch between tanks or any other valid warehouse for the item being produced (check Item Master Data > Inventory Data tab)

From Warehouse

  • Tap the blue Warehouse Code to reveal a scroll wheel to switch to another warehouse with existing on-hand stock of that item.

Planned Qty

  • Click anywhere on an item’s row to open a number pad where you can update the planned quantity
  • Note: Remember you’ll always enter the actual quantity that happened on the floor when you Issue and Receive back on the Main PdO page.

Add New Item

  • Tap the row at the Bottom of the page that states Add New Item
  • In the Select Item dialog box, use the Search field (rather than scrolling) to find the item to add
  • You can search by Item Group, Item Description and Item Code
  • After selecting an item you're asked to enter a quantity into the number pad
  • Confirm the Unit of Measure shown is correct for the quantity entered when back on the Edit PdO View
  • Note: All inventory items are available to be added and are listed in alphabetical order by Item Group. This includes non-batch managed items and backflush items (like packaging materials or brewhouse labor units)

Remove An Item

  • Swipe from Right to Left on the row of the item you want to remove.
  • This will reveal the Delete button on the Right side of the row.
  • Tap to remove immediately. Editing_Production_Orders_From_The_IPad_Production_App_3.jpg

Note: Any changes you make within the Edit Mode are NOT final until you click Save in the Top Right corner.  If you want to revert any changes without making an update, just click Cancel in the Top Left to return to the Main PdO View.

After saving your updates, the app will send your changes back to Orchestrated to update the PdO.  You're now ready to process your production order.






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