How to View Custom Process Types on the iPad Production App



Orchestrated has been designed in such a way to handle your unique brewing and distilling processes. Each unique process phase enables you to capture data points, record losses and better track your liquid throughout its life. Custom process types can include such things as Lagering, Secondary Fermentation, 2nd Distillation and more. To learn more about custom process types, click here. Setting up the iPad to work with your custom process is very simple.


  1. From within Orchestrated, navigate to Inventory → Process Types. This will open a list of your Process Types.
  2. Click the golden drill-down arrow next to the process type you wish to add to the iPad. This will open the details related to that process, including the order number, what worksheets its visible on, and whether it appears on the iPad.
  3. Press the Add Sheet button to add a new place where the process is visible. A new row will appear in the Display On column.
  4. From the drop-down list, select one of the following:
    • iPad - Brewing (iPad - Cooking for OrchestratedSPIRITS) to appear in the Brewing / Cooking function of the iPad app. This will display the list of components from the PdO on the screen.
    • iPad - Cellar - This view displays the from tank contents and the to tank contents for the brand from the iPad. Most common.
    • iPad - Packaging - This function allows you to receive packaging specific production orders. Note: Do not process other process types from this function
  5. Once you have completed making your selection, click the Update button on the process type detail form, then OK.
  6. Launch your iPad application and login, production orders associated with your new process types will be visible.







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