Set Business Partners to Read Only


You may have a user in your company that should be able to view the Business Partner Master Data, yet not able to edit it. This can be accomplish through a series of authorization changes.


Step by Step Guide

First, please review how to use authorizations here:http://s

Next, find the user you wish to have the Business Partner in Read Only mode and set that user's authorizations to the following:

  1. Business Partners - Read Only (it will change it to Various Authorizations)
  2. 2. Adding Business Partner - No Authorization
  3. 3. Business Partner Master Data - Read-Only
  4. 4. Business Partner Type - Full Authorization
  5. 4. Activity - Read-Only
  6. 5. Internal Reconciliations - Read-Only
  7. 6. Business Partner Reports - No Authorization

Have the user log off and back on, and now they should be able to bring up Business Partners with everything greyed out (Read-Only Mode)






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