The following two videos provide example scenarios of some common errors in the document submission and how to troubleshoot.

Scenario 1: Brand Mismatch


Scenario 2:  Distributor Not Found


As you are enjoying the benefit of the Orchestrated ShipCompliant Integration, there occasionally may be documents that do not transmit successfully to your ShipCompliant account.  This is caused by data that either does not match or does not line up correctly between Orchestrated database and your ShipCompliant account.


How to resubmit a transaction:

Currently, the way to resubmit a transaction is to use the ShipCompliant Master Data Management utility and use the transaction export functionality.  You would simply use the date of the transaction as your date range (put the date in the From and To fields), then save the transaction.  From there you would reopen the CSV file from your saved location and delete any rows of transactions that do not need to be resubmitted, the save the file.  The CSV file may then be uploaded to your account.


Important Note:

In an upcoming patch for Orchestrated, there will be a menu option for a new interface in which you can see all transactions submitted AND resubmit any failed transactions with the click of a button.





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