Going from Brew QC to Fermentation QC

The below video shows how to use the Brew QC feature from within Orchestrated Software.



There is an important link between Brew/Cook QC & Fermentation QC. As a brewer is inputting their original gravity & pH values through Brew QC, that data is being stored within Orchestrated, as you move to collect your daily fermentation qc readings we display the weighted-average of the gravity & pH from your brews. This requires MPN.



  1. As you brew, open Brew QC and input the Original Gravity & Original pH of your brews
  2. Once you have created 'Green Beer' and launch the Cellar worksheet. Select the tank you just knocked out into and press Ferm QC.  
  3. On Fermentation QC, the weighted-average of Original Gravity & pH are displayed in the top of the form. Once you add your first Ferm QC document, the weighted-average is stored in the database. 





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