What's New in the iPad - v4.3


This iPad app has been completely rewritten to be faster, more reliable, and provide the foundation to building & releasing new features with ease. Your feedback into this happen has been tremendous and we thank you!

A downloadable PDF version of what's new in iPad 4.3 is attached at the end of this article.



Spirits are now fully supported including the ability to record proof on distillations.


UI Facelift

The crayons were largely put away and we have begun the migration to a more unified look & feel, several screens and fields got a makeover with more to come!


User-defined Process Type support

By popular request, the user-defined process types are now supported, you can associate any process type to any function within the iPad app.


Editing Production Orders

By far some of the greatest feedback we’ve received is the ability to change warehouses and batch IDs. This is can now be done right from the iPad. If you don’t have a batch ID set or want to change it, now you can without going into Orchestrated!


Packaging Enhancements

Packaging has received several enhancements, not least of which is being able to empty the tank at the end a run.  Other enhancements include better back-flush item support and the ability to receive finished goods after you’ve run out of beer.





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    Carrie Blackmore

    Is there a plan for QC to be added to the production iPad app?