Planning Management Utility


The planning management utility is a one stop shop to get you started in maintaining your sales goals, forecasts, and items as they relate to goals and MRP. 

Think of a demand forecast as the sum of your goals, if you are already getting goals from your distributors or sales team, input them here! Then create a forecast from the sum!

As an added bonus, we've included a very useful setup portion to this utility to help you setup your system for MRP!


Item Management 

  • Sales Goals Items  - Edit Brand & Pack Type for 'Sales' items
  • MRP Items - Define lead times, intervals, preferred vendors, quantities, etc.
  • Item Properties - Associate properties to your items



Planning Management - Goal Setup

Goals are something you assign to a business partner usually once a year or even every quarter. These are the targets they are supposed to hit. When you build this worksheet, you will import it into Orchestrated and then as you sell finished goods, you can report on how your distributor is doing against their goals.

  1. Navigate to Plan Management → Customer Sales Goals
  2. Define a business partner - who is this goal for?
  3. Goal Year - For what year are you assigning this goal for?
  4. Now press Build Worksheet to start, you will be taken to item selection next.
  5. From the Item selection, build your worksheet by selecting items based on groups, brands, pack type, or item code.
  6. Once you have built your worksheet, press 'Done'
  7. Your worksheet is initially built using 'units', you may re-enter the goals management window and change your units to barrels, CEs, Liters, HectoLiters, Wine Gallons or Proof Gallons!



Planning Management - Demand Forecasts

Very similar to goals, but really one level higher, is forecasts. Forecasts are what drive MRP, its the sum of your goals. With this tool, you can set up your items, create and maintain your forecasts easily.

  1. Select Plan Management → Demand Forecasts to begin
  2. (Optional) You may select a previous forecast to either a) start from or b) maintain.
  3. Now if you would like to create your own forecast, you may import existing goal data or start fresh. Check the "Pre-load summarized sales goal data" to import your goals. If you are starting fresh, define a year, a name, interval (month, week, or day), code, and date range. Now click create!
  4. On the Item Selection tab you can define what items you want in your forecast, you can select them based on Item Group, Brand, Pack Size, or Item Code. When you finished selecting the items press 'Done'
  5. You are now ready to fill out your forecast! 
  6. Once you have filled out your worksheet, press 'Send to Orchestrated' and you are ready to begin using MRP!




Common Questions:

Why isn't item XXXX available in the "Item Property Management"?

This tool is meant to be used for MRP setup, so only items that use the "MRP" Planning Method are available in Item Property Management. You can use the "MRP Item Management" tab to set the "Use in MRP?" field to "Y" for the missing items and they will become available in the Item Property Management tab.


How do I create a new Demand Forecast year?

 If the 2018 Goal Year is not listed in the drop-down selection of the Demand Forecasts, this is because you have to manually type "2018" in order to create a new Orchestrated Budget Year.






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