OSpirits TTB Case Tags

Layout Summary

Printed Report Title: OSpirits Case Tag PdO Layout

This layout will generate TTB compliant case tags for your alcohol in either a 2x3 or 4x6 format to be printed on a Zebra style printer.

Where to find the case tags?

  • Open the packaging Production Order (PdO)
  • Click the 'Print Preview' or 'Print' icon located in the menu bar at the top of Orchestrated.
  • A list of layouts will be presented.
  • Layout Name: Case Tag 2x3 & Case Tag 4x6

When do I use the case tags?

  • You can print case tags at any time before or after processing production. Ideally, you would print these either as you go or at the beginning of the day. 

Key Requirements

  • Proof on Finished Goods tab of Brand Master Data
  • Category set on Brand Master Data
  • Type set (if applicable) on Brand Master Data
  • Pack Type set on Finished Goods items.

Parameter Entry Options

  • Print Remaining PdO Quantity - When set to true, you will have all remaining case tags generated to print. Otherwise, it will print the entire planned quantity.
  • Enter Start Number / End Number - If you wish to only print a certain number at a time, this is where you would input that range.


Example: Case Tag 2x3


Example: Case Tag 4x6





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