Barrel History Report


Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Barrel History Report

Want to know what's happened to your barrels over a period of time? How have they moved, what's been in them, and more? This is the report to show you that information. Its a simple report to give you an accurate history of the life of your barrels over a period of time. 


Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module: Production → Production Reports → Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Production Reports → Orchestrated Reports


Key Requirements

You must be using barrel management to see any data in this report.


Parameter Entry Options


  • Beginning Date & Ending Date Range
  • Group by option 1
  • Group by option 2

Optional Filters:

  • Barrel Status
  • Barrel Conditions
  • Brands of Liquid within the barrels
  • Warehouse
  • Locations
  • Barrel Sizes
  • Barrel Types


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