Barrel Management Report

 Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Barrel Management Report

This report provides you with a detailed list of your barrel inventory and its contents. This report is intended to provide a list of barrels by 'age' with a given tolerance, then provide a list of IDs, their contents and volume.


Default Location In Orchestrated 

Base Module: Production → Production Reports → Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Production Reports → Orchestrated Reports


Key Requirements

You must be using barrel management to see any data in this report


Parameter Entry Options


  • Target Age: How old do you want this barrel to be?
  • Age in...: Months or Days?
  • Age Range: Within what tolerance?
  • Group by option 1
  • Group by option 2
  • Do you want to show the notes on the barrels or just get a list?


  • Specific Barrel Item Codes
  • Brands
  • Item Groups
  • Warehouses
  • Locations


Parameter Entry Image


Sample Report Image




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