Orchestrated 4.3 Release Notes

Orchestrated 4.3 Release Notes

New and Updated Features

  • Administration: Item Templates now have the ability to remove existing templates
  • Administration: Orchestrated Configuration module to provide a simple "1- stop-shop" to company level settings & license import.
  • Sales Order: Unit of Measure displays on next to 'Total Volume' calculation
  • General: Item Master Data now appears instead of BoM when clicking on a drill-down arrow
  • Inventory Transfer: ATP has been enabled on Inventory Transfers
  • Production Order: “New Batch” functionality is now supported in OSpirits
  • Production Order: Turn/Brew # functionality has been deprecated
  • Production Order: History tab displays the issued quantity for liquid component items.
  • Express Production: Batch managed by-products are supported
  • Express Production: Backflush items are validated when receive quantity is entered
  • Express Production: Automatic batch selection speed has improved
  • Express Production: Multiple date formats are supported
  • Express Production: Automatically releases PdOs in planned status
  • Express Production (Spirits): Proof gallon calculation considers various volume types
  • Express Disassembly: Support for PdOs that contain by-products
  • Express Disassembly: Support for PdOs that have been processed through Barrel Management
  • Express Disassembly: Non-inventory items are now fully supported
  • Barrel Mgmt Express: Barrel Items are automatically assigned the PdO header warehouse if it’s not previously set
  • Barrel Mgmt (Spirits): Additional barrel types have been added into OrchestratedSPIRITS to support TTB requirements.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: Build Production Run will now recalculate time properly if users set a new time for any row.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: Build Production Run will now create batches for any item with a Process Order of "1"
  • Blending: Multiple date format support
  • Belding: Advanced GL Determination support
  • Blending (Spirits): Proof gallon calculation considers the pack type


  • Select multiple documents and move them in bulk
  • Header is locked when the user scrolls down
  • Reading data is significantly faster
  • Scheduler opens in a separate window
  • Quick-link drill down into day view
  • Quick-link drill down into week view
  • Inventory Transfer Requests are now included
  • Users may define their own colors for process types
  • User-defined process types are now supported
  • Due Date is now prepopulated when the user creates a new Sales Order or Purchase Order from the Scheduler


Core QC Improvements

  • A new QC Analysis Tool has been added to facilitate data extraction for Core QC fields.
  • Brew QC: Users can drill into a PdO from Brew QC
  • Brew QC: Users can also drill into the Item Master Data directly from Brew QC
  • Brew QC: Express can be executed directly from Brew QC.
  • Ferm QC: The weighted average values of Gravity & pH record in Brew QC are now carried over into Ferm QC.
  • Minor improvements to support user-defined process types for Packaging QC


Advanced QC Improvements

  • Fermentation Data: Support for user-defined process types and minor UI improvements
  • Bright Tank Data: Blended product
  • Bright Tank Data: Multiple batches in a single tank is now supported.
  • Bright Tank Data: Batches are now properly displayed on Bright Tank QC
  • CO2 Levels: Minor UI improvements
  • O2 Levels: Minor UI improvements
  • Milled Sample Analysis: This function has made a return! Batches pull from Brewing & Cooking process type PdOs. Base Malt items must be set as “Use in Spent Grain Report “Targets from Brand Master Data are now accurately populating in Batch Quality Analysis
  • Batch Quality Analysis: User-defined process types support.
  • Batch Quality Analysis: Functionality is no longer limited to “Bright Beer”.
  • Batch Quality Analysis: Minor UI improvements
  • Micro Scheduler: User-defined process type support
  • Micro Scheduler: OSpirits support
  • Micro Scheduler: Minor UI improvements
  • CIP: Users can now remove CIP records
  • CIP: Hot Acid, Cleaned, Purged checkboxes are now available for all tanks.
  • Grundy Cleaning Records: This functionality has been deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • Administration: Location displays properly on the user
  • Integrations: ShipCompliant UI is functioning again
  • Financial: Cash Flow Forecast issues have been resolved in OnDemand
  • Financial: Inventory Cost Snapshot no longer contains sample data
  • Inventory: Batches tab now refreshes properly on Item Master Data
  • Production Order: Correct dollar amount values are now displayed on the PdO History tab.
  • Production Order: ‘New Batch’ fixed for batch numbers by location
  • Express Disassembly: Disassembly now checks the quantities in stock prior to creating/processing documents, this was resulting in a partially disassembled PdO.
  • PdO Close Wizard: No longer crashes if the user attempts to close a production before the due date.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: No longer crashes if an item with no BoM is entered.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: “Turns” are now working properly for OSpirits.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: Build Production Run now longer crashes on items flagged as “Purchase”
  • Barrel Management: Barrel Selection Screens no longer tear the UI
  • Barrel Management: Receiving Barrels no longer appears on an AP Invoice if they were received on a GPRO
  • Barrel Management: Barrel Retirement is now functioning correctly
  • Barrel Management: Filters are functioning properly again
  • Bill of Material: No longer locks up form when trying to enter ‘Find’ mode
  • Cellar Worksheet: ‘Days Remaining’ is now calculating properly. The date looks at the when the batch was received and then takes into the lead days on the item master.
  • Adv QC: Fermentation QC - Liquid now appears regardless if brewing targets are set
  • Adv QC: Fermentation QC - Historical Data now pulls Item Name properly
  • Adv QC: Bright Tank QC - Blend control items no longer display
  • Adv QC: Bright Tank QC - Date Transferred is now loaded
  • Adv QC: Batch Quality Analysis - Liquid will now display properly if no targets are set on the brand
  • Adv QC: Micro QC Scheduler - Production orders drill down arrows are properly working


New and Updated Reports

  • Production Cost Analysis by Process: User-defined process type support
  • Items by Brand & Process Audit: User-defined process type support
  • Item Sales Analysis: Improved State Selection, Salesperson grouping option, and document group by option.
  • Quick Item Sales Analysis: Added Salesperson group by option
  • Inventory Aging Analysis: Modified to include transactions on the effective date (end of day status)
  • Balance Sheet: Resolved an issue with inconsistent data under certain circumstances.
  • Project P&L: Net profit inconsistent under certain circumstances
  • Tanks Inventory Snapshot: Tanks now display whether contents have a brand associated or not
  • Taxable Shipments by State: Resolved an issue where not all states were displaying, corrected totals on the 2nd measure, Grand Totals added
  • BoM Trace: User-defined process type support
  • Component Cost Analysis:Minor updates to current format standards
  • Daily Production Activities: Added decimals to volume quantities
  • Items by Pack Type Audit: User-defined process type support
  • P&L vs Prior Year Export: Fix display issue with December of prior year column
  • Transactions by Project: Resolved a grouping issue
  • Profit & Loss: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Profit & Loss vs Budget Comparison: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Quick Profit & Loss: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Quick Profit & Loss vs Budget: Resolved an issue with EBITDA calculation under certain circumstances
  • Case Tag 4 x 6 (Spirits): Case tag layout no longer crashes, layout has been overhauled to include barcodes.
  • Case Tag 2 x 3 (Spirits): Case tag layout no longer crashes, layout has been overhauled to include barcodes.
  • Bill of Lading Layouts: A few typos have been corrected
  • TTB BRO: Adjusted Line 7 calculation to account for internal sales credit memos
  • Future Inventory Status Analysis: Fixed rounding related issues regarding ‘unit’ based measures
  • Open GRPO Balance: Fixed an issue with dates and balances


Utilities & Interfaces

  • Planning Management: Sales Goals & Forecast utilities has been replaced with a new Planning Management Tool. This tool will facilitate MRP setup & maintenance.
  • Payables Interface: The ‘Payables Interface’ has been enhanced with the capability to import bulk documents for the following:
  • A/R Invoices & Credit Memos
  • A/P Invoices & Credit Memos
  • Inventory Transfer Requests
  • Sales Orders
  • Expense Interface: GL Account sync has been adjusted.






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