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We'll walk you through all the ins and outs of processing production orders for Brewing, where you can edit the order for each turn by - adding or removing items, adjusting quantities or warehouses, or changing the Batch ID.


After logging into the iPad Production app, click into the Brewing section to view Released Production Orders from the menu view.


Brewing Menu View


Production orders are listed by date, starting with the least recent. Filters at the Top allow you to only view PdOs for This Week or Today to find the PdO you need faster.

The menu displays the following information for each production order, from Top to Bottom:

  • Batch ID
  • Planned Start Time of production
  • Process Type
  • Percent complete
  • Brand short code
  • Item Code of what's being produced
  • To Warehouse
  • Planned quantity to produce

Tap any order to load it on the Right.  The menu will fold away and you can quickly view it again by swiping Left to Right, from the Left edge of the window.


Main Production Order View


Along the Top Ribbon of the view you'll see:

  • Main Menu button (swipe from the Left to go back to the PdO Menu)
  • Production Order number
  • Item Code of the item being produced
  • Brew QC (beaker icon)
  • Yeast Information (sphere icon)
  • Process Steps (task list icon)
  • Edit PdO (pencil icon)

Find more information on Brew QC here and more info on Editing Production Orders here.


The Row of Boxes along the Top has more information specific to this Production Order:

  • Planned date
  • Planned time
  • MPN (Master Production Number, tying the entire batch together from Wort to Finished Goods)
  • Planned quantity
  • Quantity completed previously
  • Percent complete

The Left Side of the middle section shows the component items with the planned quantity for each, and a column for actual quantities after performing the Issue step.

The Right Side shows the To Warehouse, typically empty at the start, until you've received beer into the brewhouse.

The latest submission history is noted directly above the Issue and Receipt buttons.


Editing Production Orders

For full instructions on how to make edits to PdOs, take a look at our Editing Production Orders page.


Processing Production Orders - Step 1: Issue

From the Main Production Order View, click Issue at the Bottom.


Each component item will be listed in a separate row, with the Issue Qty auto-populating to match the Planned Qty.

If you made any adjustments to the recipe for this turn, click the row of an item and a number pad will appear so you can the updated quantity for this PdO.

Backflush items will always show a blank Issue Qty, but don't worry - those populate only after completing the Receipt steps (below), as those items are directly tied together.  This includes non-inventory items like Labor or Overhead.

(If the Issue Qty doesn't auto-populate, you're likely out of stock in that item or - if no items ever show an auto-populated Issue Qty - then your database may have 'Auto-Express' turned off for batches.  Head to your database's configuration here: Administration module > Setup > General > Orchestrated Configuration > Application Settings > Enable Auto-Select All Batch.  This setting determines how processing production orders in Orchestrated as well as in the Production app happens - the same option toggles auto-selection On or Off in both locations.)


Batch Selection View

To review selected batches, click the blue (i) icon on the Far Right to move to the Batch Selection screen.


There's a row for each on-hand batch for the item in the designated From Warehouse and are listed in order from Top to Bottom by your inventory expiration method - FIFO or FEFO. Any edits to the From Warehouse can be made back on the Edit PdO screen.

Simply tap the Issue Qty figure to change the number to consume from that batch.

You can also view the In Stock quantity to ensure the Issue Qty will consume the right batch.  Don't mistakenly use the wrong batch of raw materials!

Click Save at the Bottom to return to the Issue PdO screen.


Consume Raw Materials

When you're ready click Submit at the Bottom of the Main Production Order View page. 

Back on the Main Production Order screen, compare the look of the From Whse and To Whse sections in the screenshot above.

Note the Actual quantity column now has our consumed totals listed and the Submission History at the Bottom states that we issued 6 components. The To Whse (BH01) remains empty since we haven't received the quantity of Wort...yet.


Processing Production Orders - Step 2: Receipt

Once you're through issuing your raw materials out of stock, you're ready to receive the new inventory - and produce wort.

At the Bottom, click the Receipt button from the Main Production Order View, and the Receipt View will fold out.


To enter the total quantity received into the new tank, click the Actual Qty box, so the number pad appears.  Type in the total quantity to transfer into your fermenter and click OK.  After confirming the tank and amount look good, click Submit to process the Receipt for Production and complete the production order.

A typical completed production order will look something like below, with the tank graphic showing that you've got liquid in your brewhouse, and the receipt has been noted in the Submission History field at the Bottom.


To find the PdO for the next turn of wort, swipe from Left to Right from the Left edge to reveal the Brewing PdO List again.






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