Manual Disassembly


Sometimes a production order is expressed, then released, and it's later found that there was a error with the production order. In order to correct this, a manual disassembly will need to occur. 


Step by Step Guide

  1. Minor Issue – Manual Adjustment

If a minor issue is found on a production order, we recommend other means are taken if possible first.  For example:

  1. If the production order was shorted 5 pounds of malt, then a simple Goods Issue to remove 5 pounds might suffice.
  2. If the wrong GL account is hit during one of the PdOs, this can be corrected by a Journal Entry.

Making these minor corrections will save time and a possible headache rather than having to completely reverse the PdO and reprocess it.


  1. Disassembly Tool

We also have a tool (implemented in OBeer 4.1) that allows for a PdO to be quickly/automatically reversed. This can be accessed by pulling up a PdO that has been processed, right clicking (anywhere there isn’t text) and choosing “Disassemble”. This will automatically create the Disassembled PdO (detailed below) as well as issue/receipt it to complete the disassembly.


  1. Manual Disassembly

There might come a time where a disassembly might still need to be done manually.

All standard PdOs are created with a “Standard” Production Order type by default. If this PdO is to be reversed manually, a PdO with a “Disassembly” Production Order type needs to be created.  


  1. Open PdO to disassemble.
  2. Right click, duplicate.
  3. Change newly created PdO to Type = Disassembly.
  4. Change the new PdO to match exactly to the old one (e.g. same warehouses). The due date doesn’t have to match but client might decide to backdate the disassembly.
  5. Add Disassembly PdO.
  6. Pull the PdO back up (right green arrow), change from Planned to “Released,” and click "Update."
  7. Right click and choose “Report for Completion.”
  8. This will open the “Issue for Production” screen. This will issue out the items that were previously received. You should not have to change anything at this point; just click “Add” and confirm which batch this item was issued out of.
  9. Right click and choose “Receipt Components.”
  10. This will open the “Receipt from Production” screen. Click add and create the batch number that the item was previously issued out of.
  11. If you were to check the components previously received/issued, you’ll see that they’ve been reversed as planned (reversing a GB PdO would issue out Green Beer and receipt back in Wort).
  12. Once issued/receipted, the Disassembly PdO should be manually changed to “Closed” status.
  13. Go back to the original PdO once more, right click and choose “Duplicate.”
  14. Make any necessary corrections to this PdO (e.g. should have planned for 30 barrels instead of 3 barrels) and then click “Add.”
  15. Once the new PdO is created, you may then process it as normal through the Express button on the worksheet or directly on the PdO.






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