Exporting SQL Queries


If you found a Crystal Report in Orchestrated that you would like the source code for, you can export the SQL query based on the report by following these steps.


Details / How-To

  1. Navigate to Administration → Setup → General → Report and Layout Manager and choose the report you wish to extract from the list:

  2. Once highlighted, click "Edit" to edit the report in Crystal Reports.   It may take several minutes for Crystal Reports to load, especially the first time you run this: 

  3. Click on Database → Database Expert.  On the screen that appears, right click on the word "Command" on the right side and choose "Edit Command":

  4. If the following window pops up, clear out any User ID or Password information that might auto fill and choose "Integrated Security" then click "Finish":

  5. The "Modify Command" window will populate with the SQL Query below.  It is already highlighted so you can copy this as is:

  6. You can now paste this directly in to a query under Tools → Query → Query Generator then clicking "Execute" the edit icon, and pasting in the window.  For more information, please see the How to Import Queries in to Orchestrated support page.  





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