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Watch our ~6 min video walk through of the Packaging section or take a look at written content below!




We'll walk you through all the ins and outs of processing production orders for Packaging, where you can edit the order for each pack type by - deleting or adding items, adjusting quantities or warehouses, or changing the Batch ID.

After logging into the iPad Production app, click into the Packaging section to view Released Production Orders from the menu view.


Packaging Menu View


Production orders are listed by date, starting with the oldest at the Top. Buttons at the Top allow you to only view PdOs for This Week or Today to find the PdO you need faster.

You can further filter orders using the Filter button at the Top, which allows you to select only certain pack types - Kegs, Bottles or Cans - to view in the menu.  Just toggle a type Off or On and click Filter at the Bottom to update the PdOs shown in the menu.

The menu displays the following information for each production order, from Top to Bottom:

  • Batch ID
  • Brand short code
  • Pack type short hand
  • From Warehouse (which bright tank)
  • Total volume planned to be consumed for that pack type
  • Planned number of units to produce
  • Pack type family icon

Tap any production order to load it on the Right.  The menu will fold away and you can quickly view it again by swiping Left to Right, from the Left edge of the iPad.


Main Production Order View


Along the Top Ribbon of the view you'll see:

  • Main Menu button (swipe from the Left to go back to the PdO Menu)
  • Production order number
  • Brand short code
  • Pack type short code
  • From Warehouse
  • Planned volume to consume
  • Packaging QC (beaker icon)
  • Edit PdO (pencil icon)

Find more information on Editing Production Orders here.

The row of boxes along the Top has more information specific to this Production Order:

  • Planned Date
  • Planned Time
  • MPN (Master Production Number, tying the entire batch together from Wort to Finished Goods)
  • Planned quantity, by total expected pallets and total units
  • Quantity completed, by total pallets and units 
  • Percent complete

Any submission history is noted directly above the Submit button.


Editing Production Orders & Emptying a Tank

We've split out two separate pages for the following topics that are related to the Packaging section of the app.


Now let's get to the middle area of the Main PdO View you'll use to enter how many units you produced.


Entering Kegs/Cases Produced

The two rows in the middle portion of the view show how many Whole Pallets or Individual Units you've packaged and are ready to send back to Orchestrated.  Hit the Minus (-) or Plus (+) buttons at either side of the white boxes to increase or decrease your total to submit by one.

You can also click Zero (0) in the white box itself to type in the quantity produced using the number pad that folds out.

Note: The number of pallets entered may not exactly match how many cases you put on the pallet.

It's most important to ensure the blue number at the Bottom - the total units to submit - matches your total quantity produced.  The number is a quick reference to ensure you're entering the correct total.

Once you're ready to send the finished goods quantity back into Orchestrated, click Submit at the Bottom.


Submitting Packaging Production Orders


We've designed the app to process finished goods in two main ways:

  • Enter As You Go - clicking Submit each time you complete a pallet, thus multiple submissions
  • All At Once - entering the total packaged units of a pack type at the end of the run and clicking Submit just once.

Note in the example screenshot above that I've processed 100% of my planned quantity - 2 pallets or 140 cases - and the Submission History near the Bottom states the number of units last submitted.  We used the All At Once method for this example.


To pull up the next PdO to process the batch's next pack type, swipe from Left to Right from the Left edge of the iPad to reveal the Packaging PdO Menu again.







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